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Dragon Boy 2 Game

You can play the game as one or two players. For one player, make your character move using the letters A,S,W,D or arrow key and left click to attack. For two players, first player can use the arrow keys and left click to attack, while for the second player, use the letters A,S,W,D and J to attack. Choose from three characters depending on the skill you want to have. Check the shortcut keys to know what you need to press for pop up menu. You are given a dragon egg that you need to take care of and protect from enemies. To attack, click on what area you want to attack. Make sure to look at your Health and MP gauge at the lower left corner of the game screen. To equip or change what you are using, go to your inventory. For skills, you can improve your skills using skill points given once every level gained. Good luck!
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